Bring it Zombies!

Take deep breaths. I can see you shaking after listening to the forecast of events which may in fact, threaten our very human existence. The world is ending this afternoon. And if by some miracle we make it through that rapturous event, we’re surely going to be gobbled up during the Zombie Apocalypse. This is … Continued

Global Data Vault to be Featured in FalconStor Case Study

Global Data Vault to be Featured in FalconStor Case Study

Global Data Vault will be featured in an upcoming case study which will be presented by FalconStor. FalconStor Software provides comprehensive solutions that facilitate the continuous availability of business-critical data with speed, integrity, and simplicity. These solutions allow businesses of all sizes to overcome real-world data protection and storage challenges including dramatically increasing data, shrinking … Continued

Remote Backup Discussed in CNN Interview

Global Data Vault’s CEO, Will Baccich, was a guest on the Everything Internet Radio Show, on CNN Radio 1190 AM. Baccich discussed different backup options that are available through Global Data Vault, including Server Backup and PC Backup. The CEO also explained Global Data Vault’s Advanced Data Protection service, which provides customers with local protection … Continued

Tropical Storm Tests Business Continuity Plans

New England residents are being warned to prepare for the possibility of heavy rains and flooding this weekend as Tropical Storm Danny is forecasted to strengthen over the next couple of days.  The five-day forecast shows Danny passing near the Carolinas late Friday and New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts the day after.  The … Continued

Do You Tweet?

Perhaps you are a computer amateur who is looking to expand your knowledge of technology, or a business decision maker who is seeking new backup product and service information for your company. Following Global Data Vault on Twitter can help fill in the gaps or uncertainties for such individuals.  IT experts will enjoy receiving notifications … Continued

Find Global Data Vault on Facebook

Find Global Data Vault on Facebook

Global Data Vault can now be found on Facebook.  This gives GDV the opportunity and the ability to reach out to new customers while staying connected to existing customers. The Facebook page will be frequently updated with blog posts and product updates about Cloud Disaster Recovery, Cloud Backup and Cloud Archive.  The discussion board also … Continued