A study conducted by Ponemon Institute reported that business travelers lose an astonishing 12,000 laptops PER WEEK in U.S. airports.  The largest U.S. airports have an average loss frequency of 286 laptops per week.

The estimated weekly frequency of laptop loss for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is 1,200 and JFK International Airport reports 900 laptops.  DFW has an average of 250 per week.

The study states only 33% of laptops lost in airports are reclaimed.  This means 600,000 PER YEAR are permanently lost and surely sensitive communications, company data, financial information, and strategy documents are falling into the wrong hands.

Information on those laptops can become readily available to any average Joe without the proper security.

Over half of the individuals surveyed (53%) stated that there is confidential or sensitive information stored on their laptops. 65% of these individuals admit they do not take steps to protect or secure information contained on their laptop.

When asked about who is responsible for backing up data on their laptops, 31% of the respondents said that NO ONE is responsible.  18% said that they don’t know who is responsible and only 10% of the respondents take full responsibility for backing up data on their laptop.

Airport insecurity aside, this should be a wake up call to businesses, especially those with staff who travel.  Losing laptops is a virtual certainty, yet most have no backup. Laptop backup is easy – and essential.  What is corporate America thinking?

The place to start is with a data protection audit.