Can Veeam backup physical servers?

Can you restore what you need to, right now?

Many companies have workloads in many places and in many forms. Split amongst virtual and physical, on-premises and cloud or multi-cloud, priority for these systems is keeping them running and available. Years ago, the “P2V movement” dealt with transitioning aging physical servers into their new homes as virtual machines. This solved a number of problems, mostly hardware that was old, no longer supported, out of warranty, or simply “could not be turned off” for application reasons.

Fast forward many years, and the issue still lives. Industries, and customers, demand availability, no matter what the source. The question now becomes one of keeping things running no matter where they exist, specifically when you need to restore the system for some reason.

Can Veeam back up physical servers?

Veeam® Software, a leader in Cloud Data Management, and the pioneers of instant virtual machine recovery, provides the recovery solutions you need. Veeam started as a virtual-only solution but began offering agents for physical servers in 2017. Veeam has been able to restore any Veeam agent-based Windows into Hyper-V for a time now, but with Veeam Backup & Replication v10 released in February of this year, any Veeam-based backup of a workload can be restored as a VMware vSphere virtual machine.  According to Veeam’s documentation, this includes:


This solution utilizes Instant VM Recovery and a new instance of that system or workload can be up and running in a vSphere environment in minutes or even seconds, allowing you to P2V or even V2V systems easily and without additional hardware or cost, assuming you have a vSphere environment with sufficient resources available.


For Global Data Vault, this provides additional disaster recovery options and flexibility to benefit our customers.