The Boston Globe and other outlets reported this weekend that Carbonite lost data for 7,500 customers. Many of these customers were able to make fresh backups before they suffered any real losses. Some, however, were not. Those who were not recieved apologies and credits. All 7,500 most likely lost any prior versions (if Carbonite even keeps prior versions).

In a nutshell, the fundamental difference between Carbonite and Global Data Vault is we are a business class solution built on an enterprise class platform. Carbonite has filed a lawsuit seeking damages from Promise Technology. Promise Technology is a manufacturer or RAID based storage systems. We do not consider RAID based systems to be true enterprise class technology.

The technology we use at Global Data Vault provides greater reliability through redundant data paths and redundant controllers. Our key systems are monitored 24x7x365. If a component fails, the redundant component takes over, we’re notified, the failed part is replaced, and our service continues without interruption. RAID systems claim to have the same capabilities, but a true Storage Array Network (SAN), is a more sophisticated system. That is why you see SANs, not RAID, in place for mission critical data in enterprise organizations.

One thing I’d worry about with Carbonite, is why would the failure of that device cause loss of data. We keep 2 copies (sometimes more) of everything stored with us. Do they have only one copy of their customers’ data?

We’ll have more to report as we learn more about this interesting incident.