Case Study: 7 Benefits of Utilizing a Fully-managed Cloud Services Provider

Technology Pointe Removes Headaches Many MSPs and VARs Experience Working in information technology is challenging, even more so for businesses that provide IT products, solutions, and services. IT companies deal with the following:

  •       What offerings to provide
  •       Maintaining technology efficiencies, certifications, and expertise
  •       Hiring and retaining the right talent
  •       Delivering quality products or services
  •       Being profitable

IT Company Considerations

IT resellers and service providers face frequent changes in technology and must decide whether it makes sense to add specific products and services to their portfolios. When doing so, they consider the implications to their business—staffing, viability, overreaching limits, or cost. Specifically relating to backups, disaster recovery, and cloud-based services, IT providers decide what level of services to provide, how much to try to take on themselves, and whether or not they risk losing clients due to not being able to offer a complete solution. No IT product or services provider wants to offer unreliable products and services they cannot support just because it is a popular option.


Choosing an IT provider with the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to deliver reliable products and services is essential. Technology Pointe, an Austin, TX-based information technology managed services provider, chose Global Data Vault (GDV) as their backup as a service (BaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) provider. Benefits By partnering with Global Data Vault, Technology Pointe added new services and solutions for their customers while reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and becoming more profitable in seven straightforward ways.

1.     Reduced colocation costs

Colocation facilities pass all power, networking, HVAC, and physical footprint costs to their customers. These data centers usually do not support any application or workload functionality, and costs scale with growth. Colocation charges generally accrue per U (a rack unit – an entire server rack is 42U) and vary anywhere from $40 – 400 per U based on geographic location, data center size, and resource availability. Technology Pointe saved approximately $1200 per month in colocation costs per month by switching to Global Data Vault.

2.     Reduced hardware, software, and storage costs

Besides colocation costs, providers must buy hardware, software, storage, and maintenance/support for those items. Global Data Vault maintains all of these costs. Technology Pointe owned the hardware in the colocation facilities but still had to pay substantial annual upkeep costs in hard drives and maintenance, as well as $5800 in Veeam annual licensing. Overall, they reduced all BaaS and DRaaS costs to $1500 per month. 

3.     Reallocated workforce and resources to forward-thinking activities

Being reactive and performing mundane, repetitive tasks prevents businesses from being proactive and innovative, putting them at a competitive disadvantage. Previously, Technology Pointe had a dedicated resource for StorageCraft backup but moved to a single-pane, remote monitoring solution with GDV and Veeam® Software, reducing reactive activities. Global Data Vault offloads repetitive tasks and provides centralized monitoring and alerting, allowing your employees to focus on business goals.

4.     Rapid recovery during a disaster

A Technology Pointe client suffered a crypto lock-type incident, which ultimately brought their business to a halt. Global Data Vault had the entire environment up and running within an hour versus rebuilding the whole customer environment. GDV maintains infrastructure to recover files, data, application items, or entire virtual machines and bring entire networks, systems, and users online at any time. Getting customers up and running after an outage is the highest priority. Global Data Vault brings expertise in all types of recovery situations and does not leave you—or your customers—hanging.

By comparison, after the recent OVHCloud fire in France, the cloud provider still remained unable to return its data centers and clients back to full operational status after a month! Global Data Vault covered this situation in a recent webinar titled, “Managing the Risks of Having Data in the Cloud” and discussed how to mitigate risks of data loss.

5.     Simplified licensing and customer invoicing

Managing licenses for different customers and products is time-consuming and challenging, and mistakes on invoices cause a negative customer experience. Global Data Vault manages all Veeam and BitLyft licensing. Technology Pointe is a wholesale GDV reseller, meaning all customer line items appear on a Technology Pointe invoice under their brand, alleviating any potential customer confusion. Potential capital expenses (CapEx) become operating expenses (OpEx), which generally are easier for budgeting and approvals.

6.     Solution expertise

IT providers want quality products and services to deliver to customers and typically offer a wide variety of products and product types. Maintaining expertise is challenging, so having non-employee, reliable experts on hand is essential. As a Veeam-only, platinum-level Veeam Cloud & Services Provider, GDV provides rapid troubleshooting, complete ownership of any issue, and expert implementation and operation for all Veeam offerings. With four Veeam Certified Engineers and two Veeam Certified Architects on staff, GDV has unparalleled Veeam expertise that can diagnose issues and resolve them quickly. Technology Pointe can rely upon GDV expertise to assist with problem resolution or complete environment recoveries in a timely manner.

7.     Advanced security package

Ransomware, hackers, and insider threats are heightened, and the concern of every business. Protecting backup files and cloud/offsite backup files is a priority, yet most cloud providers do not offer much in the way of advanced security. IT providers again struggle with a variety of products that may not provide the necessary monitoring and protection. Global Data Vault’s Enhanced Data Protection extends Technology Pointe’s cybersecurity protection later, monitoring local backup repositories and providing safety to cloud backup files from insider threats. Tech Pointe does not need to source additional components as GDV’s services and monitoring are included.


IT consultancies, resellers, and service providers often look for ways to improve efficiencies, reduce overhead costs, and stay current with technological advances. They often worry about providing value and reliability of products and services, as they represent these offerings to their customers. Cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions can be confusing, cost-prohibitive, or can leave customers hanging. For Technology Pointe, Global Data Vault solves these challenges and provides a complete, worry-free solution to Technology Pointe’s customers.

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