Global Data Vault’s New HP Storage Area Network (SAN)

Global Data Vault’s New HP Storage Area Network (SAN)

Global Data Vault are the proud owners of a new SAN (storage area network) from HP. In the world of Global Data Vault, this SAN is the ultimate new hardware present we could give ourselves.

Let’s review this exciting technology and discuss how it facilitates delivering better, faster, and more reliable services to you.

In geek speak, SAN’s are enterprise-class, dedicated networks that provide access to consolidated, block level data storage, and those are words that makes us happy.


SAN’s are primarily used to make storage devices – like disk arrays – accessible to servers so that the devices appear as locally attached devices to the operating system. So aside from the colossal sophistication of what a SAN can do, it will allow Global Data Vault to take our level of service up a notch with added reliability, recovery speed, economies of scale and management features:

Reliability: It’s a dirty little secret among technology service providers, but things break all the time. Premier data backup and disaster recovery companies (like Global Data Vault)  have a massive system of fail safes for when hardware goes bad so that replacements are put into production seamlessly and no one is effected. A SAN encapsulates many of the issues that can go awry and fixes them all by itself, and creates incrementally better reliability. We like that.

Recovery speed: SAN’s facilitate a more effective disaster recovery process. They are better adept at keeping multiple copies of customer data because a SAN can span a distant location that houses a secondary storage array. It enables storage replication by the disk array controllers, and that means after a disaster event, you are up and running faster than you might even think you’re ready for.

Economy of Scale: A SAN provides more economical growth, allowing us to have a more cost effective scalability option, which we then pass along those efficiencies to our customers. And that gives YOU something to smile about.

Management features: A SAN storage network simplifies storage administration because it contains networking capabilities within it. In a lesser storage option, we would have to logically break up the storage into different devices. The SAN does it for us. Think of it like this: A less sophisticated storage option would be like having a parking lot full of lots of little buckets that we were pouring data into. A SAN allows us to create highly virtualized storage pool that we can pour all the data into. The SAN is designed to work out the separation logically and more effectively that we can ourselves.

We chose a SAN by HP for a number of reasons. Technical excellence, appropriate investment and superior support are all keys. And it may be a “chicken vs. egg” thing, but we know that while most business leaders ask the question, “How can I succeed?” the founders of HP instilled a different question into the culture: “How can we contribute?”. Global Data Vault shares this mind set and appreciate all of the good it brings when our suppliers share this view as well.