Restore Point Console

Restore Point Console

Global Data Vault’s Cloud Disaster Recovery Restore Point Console

Our web based portal shows your data protection status with drill downs to the available restore points. The restore point console runs on any browser and is tablet/mobile compatible.

What’s Shown Here:

Site Site name
Total servers The total number of servers protected at the site
GB protected The size in GB of data in use these servers
Monitored servers Disks being monitored
Local servers in SLA Monitored disks within local agreed SLA level
Remote servers in SLA Monitored disks within remote agreed SLA level
Server Server name of the local server
P/V Physical or virtual technology
Last local RP The most recent local restore point in US Central Time
Hrs Age in hours of the last local restore point
Last remote RP Most recent remote restore point in US Central Time
Hrs Age in hours of the last remote restore point
Loc Yes or No indicating if the server is within local SLA level
Y/W indicates the server is within local SLA with a warning
Rem Yes or No if the server is within remote data center based SLA
Y/W indicates the server is within remote SLA with a warning
DiskGB Server size in GB
ProtGB Protected data / space in use on the server in GB
“+” Drill Down
Server name Name of the server
RP DateTime The date/time of this one restore point
RP Location Local or Remote to indicate where this restore point exists
Veeam Cloud Provider

Veeam Cloud Provider

The Veeam Cloud Provider program provides a marketplace for VMware and Hyper-V users to find a cloud provider to receive and store Veeam backups in the cloud. Global Data Vault is excited to be a member of this very select program sponsored by Veeam.

Veeam hosts a cloud provider directory that lists the companies that support the various means for protecting VMware and Hyper-V servers to cloud based repositories.

Veeam Service Categories

Global Data Vault specializes in Cloud Repositories and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Cloud Repositories are backups of full server images in our cloud, Using Veeam’s new Cloud Connect, we can offer customers a fast and easy means to backup their VMware or Hyper-V servers to our cloud infrastructure. All backups are fully encrypted at rest and in transit for the highest level of security.

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service solution adds to this allowing users to quickly spin up working Virtual Machines in our cloud to operate from these during any sort of outage in the primary infrastructure. Veeam offers many unique benefits as a DR platform. Most important among these are unlimited reverse incremental backups – allowing for fast transfers of data and the most fresh restore points and shortest restore times possible.

All Veeam solutions offer failback by way of only sending back incremental files. No other solution offers such a fast easy method to for the otherwise difficult process of failback.

Global Data Vault has been carefully vetted and selected for this elite program.

Transparency + Clarity = Results

Transparency + Clarity = Results

Clear skies, clear sailing, clear blue water – these common expressions imply safety, security, and tranquility.

At Global Data Vault, we provide transparency and clarity to all our cloud storage customers. Web portals, logs, email status reports, and regular updates are all integral to our process.

We believe that the more you know about what is happening with your disaster recovery solutions, the better will be your protection. That’s what we care about – your protection.

You won’t need it every day, but sooner or later you will need it. And even though you don’t need it every day, it must always be ready at a moment’s notice.

That’s why we want you to always have 24/7/365 clear visibility of everything we’re doing to protect your data and your systems.


Enjoy clear sailing with Global Data Vault.


Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Protect your business with advanced data protection.This cloud disaster recovery services competitive analysis table was created with data available from It highlights the main differences between the Global Data Vault solution and that offered by Axcient, Datto and Continuum (formerly Zenith). will help you decide which disaster recovery service is right for you.

GDV Axcient Datto
Local recovery checkmark
Integrity verified
Cloud recovery Optional
Automated build
Supports OEM Windows
Recovery testing Quarterly DIY DIY
RTO – cloud 2 hrs or less Varies Varies
RPO – cloud 4 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs
SLA – cloud
Local Restore Time Minutes Minutes Minutes
Local Restore Points (min) 15 minutes 15 minutes 5 minutes
SLA – local
Hypervisor VMware Xen Virtual Box
Hardware Dell HP White Box
Appliance OS Win 2008 R2 Linux Linux
Backup Software StorageCraft StorageCraft ShadowSnap
Backup File Format VMDK VMDK VMDK
Support Location United States United States United States
Head Office Dallas, Texas Bellevue, WA Monroe, CT



DIY – Do It Yourself – these features require end user setup, configuration and support.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Services Information:

Reported information about the above cloud disaster recovery services is sourced from and other publicly available news stories and third party reviews. Corrections from vendors reported to are welcome.