Global Data Vault Named VCSP Rising Star Partner of the Year 2018 by Veeam

Global Data Vault Named VCSP Rising Star Partner of the Year 2018 by Veeam

(Dallas, Texas – March 6, 2019: Global Data Vault, a fully managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provider, proudly announces it has been selected as the 2018 VCSP Rising Star Partner of the Year 2018 byVeeam®Software,the leader in Backup solutions that enable Intelligent Data Management™. These fourth annual awards recognize North America Veeam ProPartners and Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners who have not only demonstrated success in providing Veeam Availability solutions to their customers, but who have also provided first-class support, expert knowledge, continued product education, and a true Veeam strategy incorporated into their business.

Global Data Vault was recognized as Veeam Rising Star Cloud & Service Provider Partner of the Year, North America, in recognition as the partner accelerating its commitment to the VCSP program in 2018 and developing the most growth in Veeam business potential.

“We are excited to recognize and honor Global Data Vault as the VCSP Rising Star,” said Matt Kalmenson, VP Cloud & Service Providers, Americas, at Veeam. “Their investment in building and delivering Veeam-powered solutions and services at a first-class level is transforming the way our joint customers manage and protect their applications and data. Our partners share our commitment in bringing innovative solutions to difficult technical and business challenges in a new multi-cloud world. We congratulate Global Data Vault on our highest achievement award and look forward to continued mutual success in 2019.”

“We are so grateful to Veeam not only for this special recognition, but also for their market leadership and technical depth, and the inspiration Veeam provides to raise our game. This award was earned by everyone at Global Data Vault as our team works day after day to deliver the highest quality to our customers and to evolve, elevate, and grow our business,” said Will Baccich, CEO of Global Data Vault.

About Global Data Vault

Global Data Vault is a Platinum Veeam Cloud & Service Provider partner and provides cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions and lives by the mindset that “It’s always our problem.” Fully-managed service offerings, a commitment to security, and a daily focus on quality are the core elements that make Global Data Vault the best choice for data protection for companies worldwide.


Velocity 2019 Kick-Off

Velocity 2019 Kick-Off

GDV was so excited to be in the mix as a sponsor at Veeam’s 2019 Sales Kick Off. Held at Walt Disney World, it was a gathering of green: engineers, IT experts and men and women of business, all working together to plan for an explosive 2019. The seminars, hands-on experiences and community building were motivating, thought-provoking, and certainly set the tone for the new year.

Veeam Partnership and Training

At the heart of it all, the Velocity kick-off was geared to provide opportunities to expand access and interactions with official Veeam support. Engineers began their path to VMCE certification. The event was packed to the brim with training and strategy classes which expanded our vision of 2019 – a very exciting vision, for sure.

Word of the year: Growth

If the kick-off for 2019 had a theme, it was a focus on working together to achieve rapid growth.

Networking is gold at these events, and we managed to corner a few of our favorite Veeamers, convincing them to share their insights about the direction of Veeam in 2019. Be sure to watch to the end for possibly the best GDV video soundbite ever. 😉 Aside from that nugget, you can trust that 2019 is already taking off like a rocket of optimism, ambition and promise.

Global Data Vault Repeats In the LSU 100

Global Data Vault Repeats In the LSU 100

As we close out 2018, it’s a great time to reflect on the year’s successes and set goals for the year before us. Global Data Vault had our most successful year in 2018, thanks to our every growing client base and our amazing operations and technical team. One of our year’s most special highlights was to have been included in the LSU 100 for the 8th year in a row. As one of only five companies to receive this award every year since its inception, Global Data Vault has set our sights on smashing last year’s goals by continuing our growth while providing white-glove disaster recovery and back up service. We hope to make it a 9thyear in 2019.

The LSU 100 is an award designed to showcase how LSU graduates impact the local, regional and global business markets and honors the fastest growing businesses in the world that are led or owned by LSU graduates. The award is special to GDV as several key members at GDV have ties to LSU One Hundred 2018 HonoreeLouisiana – a prerequisite for the award.

The LSU 100 is designed to inspire LSU graduates to become strong business leaders by following the values taught while students at LSU. Integrity, holding yourself responsible for your actions, compassion, dignity for all, and positively contributing to the world are all held in high regard at LSU. For businesses that are Tiger-led or Tiger-owned, the award showcases some of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Honorees are invited to a gala, where they network with other honorees and celebrate their accomplishments in a wide range of fields and professions.

Cheers to the New Year! We look forward to providing you the best in disaster recovery for your company, and being an integral piece of your business success!

Oh what a night!

Oh what a night!

2018 was our best year ever! We are closing the year with a 45% increase in growth, and that’s very much in thanks to a great partnership with Veeam. As such, it seemed only fitting that we celebrate with our Veeam friends by helping to host the Veeam Tempe office holiday party last week. The night was filled with dancing, lots of laughter — and a little friendly competition in the way of a gingerbread house decorating contest. Check out the video highlights from this very fun evening.

We didn’t want to miss a minute so we had a great photographer help catch all the moments. The full collection of photos can be found on our photographer’s, Shannon Williams, website (and available for download).  Also thanks to the team at the Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix-Tempe ASU Research park for providing a great menu and staff to help us celebrate. We can’t forget to thank our awesome DJ Jimmy Davenport with Starz Entertainment for spinning the tunes.

As we head into another year, we have as much to look forward to as we have to be thankful for.

Cheers to a great 2018 and an even better 2019!

Cry Me a River…Really?

Cry Me a River…Really?

Yep. That’s one headline I saw this weekend about the WannaCry attack. And I guess we can understand that sentiment, maybe. Our view at Global Data Vault, is our job is to be ready to help any of our customers hit by this outrageous attack. Our customers use our services to recover from Ransomware attacks quite regularly and this one is far from over, and I suspect we’ll help our customers perform more than a handful of recoveries. We may all know this by now, but here is some background on the subject.

Ransomware is malware that encrypts and sometimes later deletes files from computers, smartphones, and other intelligent devices – now even including TVs. Ransomware is operated by organized crime gangs, many of whom are based in Russia. The proceeds of these attacks are being used to fund terrorism, human trafficking, drug operations and other nefarious activities.

The first known Ransomware attack occurred at a World Health Organization AIDS conference in 1989. At the time, the intent was to extort small amounts of money. Another early implementation posed itself as antivirus software which the victims were encouraged to purchase in order to eradicate malware that was planted by the same code.

Today, with attacks from so many sources, and with the advent of untraceable virtual currencies like Bitcoin, and through the existence of sophisticated encryption algorithms, ransomware has become a billion-dollar industry.

There is even a market that supplies tools to build ransomware and tech support for implementing attacks. The encryption is often now 256 bit RSA grade and is too sophisticated for even large technical organizations to solve. Citrix reports that many large companies are keeping Bitcoin available as a last-resort.

Even further frightening are cases where remote access trojans have been used to monitor a potential victim to determine the scope of the organization and assess its ability to pay a given ransom.


CryptoLocker was the first wideapread attack and first appeared in 2013. It was supported by a large network of malware bots (together called a botnet) which is used to distribute the actual attack. Cryptolocker extorted over $3 million before being shut down by the Department of Justice who took control of the botnet and issued a warrant and a bounty for Russian hacker Evgeniy Bogachev for his involvement.

New threats exist; Cryptowall is believed to have extorted over $350 million; Locky operated in 30 languages; Petya encrypts entire hard drives. As bad as these are Cerber is the most prevalent, accounting for 90% of Windows ransomware.

Cyber attacks through email attachments. Word, Excel and PDF files containing dangerous macros are sent as bait – usually calling themselves invoices, etc. If the user opens the file and allows the macro to run, the attack will generally succeed. Your inbox has become your most vulnerable point.

Avoidance and Prevention

  1. Patch Everything – as often as possible – patch every application.
  2. Do not allow local admin rights on user desktops.
  3. Desktop antivirus is helpful but not enough because the attackers are continually recompiling their code to escape detection. Secure email gateways also help but are also limited for the same reason.
  4. BACKUP – is the only real protection!
  5. Follow the 3-2-1 rule: Always have 3 backups, on 2 media types and 1 offsite. More on the 3-2-1 rule later.

Backup Strategy

As a service provider working in this area, we see attacks on a weekly basis. We have performed hundreds of recoveries. The following points are the lessons learned from our own experience and the well-organized thoughts on this subject from Rick Vanover Director of Technical Product Marketing at Veeam Software.

  1. Use different credentials for backup jobs! An attack or attacker with credentials to access your system might also attack your backups.
  2. At some point commit data to offline media such at tape. If it’s offline, it cannot be attacked.
  3. Use Veeam Cloud Connect (we do). It uses a different method of authentication and a different backup API.
  4. Store backups in a different file system.
  5. Take SAN snapshots of your local backup repository.
  6. Expand and master the 3-2-1 rule – use the 3-2-1-1 rule: have 3 copies of your data, on 2 types of media, have least 1 offsite and at least 1 offline.
  7. Test – have 0 errors after recovery is tested! Veeam’s Sure Backup verification is one great way to test.

While this is a good start, there are other many other technical strategies we implement for our customers. GDV employs as many as possible for each of our customers. We’re always happy to discuss how you can leverage these ideas.

We hope this is helpful. Good luck and stay ready.

Global Data Vault in LSU Top 100 for Fifth Straight Year

Global Data Vault in LSU Top 100 for Fifth Straight Year

Dallas, TX August 13, 2015 – Dallas-based Global Data Vault (GDV) has once again been named to the LSU Top 100,2015-lsu-100-honoree-updated an annual list of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the world. The list focuses on companies that are owned or operated by graduates of Louisiana State University.

“We are again both honored and delighted to be named alongside the innovative companies that comprise the LSU 100 Class of 2015,” says GDV CEO William Baccich. “Our success wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team of employees and loyal stakeholders.”

Companies who are candidates for recognition on the LSU 100 are ranked using compound annual growth over a two-year period. The purpose is to recognize business leadership, growth and business ethics standards that are consistent with the values and image of the Stephenson Entrepreneur Institute (SEI) and LSU. The LSU Top 100 is also a forum to help illuminate the impact LSU graduates have on the local, regional and national economies. The LSU 100 was created by SEI to offer encouragement, education, networking and assistance to entrepreneurially-minded students, faculty, and businesses.

Global Data Vault, a cloud-based disaster recovery and data protection company, is led by CEO Will Baccich who graduated from LSU in 1980. After obtaining his computer science degree from LSU, Baccich was in involved in accounting and computer software. In 2004 he started Global Data Vault, offering disaster recovery as a service and online backup.

Headquartered in Dallas, the company serves its clients with data centers in Dallas, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada. Today the company is a leader in disaster recovery, data backup and cloud storage solutions.

Global Data Vault will be recognized at the 2015 LSU Honoree Luncheon to be held October 23rd at the L’Auberge Casino Hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The “LSU 100” is more than just a recognition and award ceremony however. It celebrates the spirit of success by providing a vehicle to pass lessons on to the next generation of LSU entrepreneurs. The weekend also happens to feature a home football game for the LSU Tigers.

Global Data Vault is a market leader providing cloud-based disaster recovery, advanced data protection, online server backup and online PC backup for businesses of all sizes. Combining disk-to-disk backup, secure remote replication, and fully-automated virtualized recovery technology, Global Data Vault delivers superior solutions to ensure the business continuity of customers across the U. S. and around the world.

Global Data Vault delivers services from secure, redundant, geographically diverse data centers that have achieved quality standards including a Service Organization Controls 1 (SOC 1) Type 2 report, as well as meeting SSAE 16 standards, and the SysTrust (SOC 3) seal for service organizations. For information about Global Data Vault, visit or follow GDV on twitter @globaldatavault.

For additional information about the LSU 100 visit or The Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute, which is an integral part of LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business, utilizes the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program, LSU Executive Education, Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities, and the Distinguished Entrepreneur Speaker Series to address the challenges of entrepreneurship and to positively impact students, the regional economy, the state of Louisiana and the nation. For more information, visit or call 225-578-0313.