2018 Was Our Best Year Yet!

2018 Was Our Best Year Yet!

The new year is upon us, and 2018 is now firmly in the rearview mirror. It only seems right to take a moment and reflect on everything we did and accomplished over the last 12 months. This past year proved to be a big one for Global Data Vault. We’ve seen a lot of changes, and most of them were improvements. Here’s a nice recap of the many successes that propelled us to have the best year ever so far.

SEIM Processing

SEIM processing was added to our data centers and customer backup repositories. This represents a substantial increase to overall security for our entire space. It would not be unreasonable to claim that we have the most advanced security for customers in our market space.

A Streamlined Onboarding Process

We worked hard throughout 2018 to improve the procedures and processes we utilize to bring customer servers into our environment. The results speak for themselves. We have been able to implement customers with hundreds of servers in a matter of weeks in many cases. This reduction in turnaround enables us to better protect our customers on the timetable they need.

A New, Automated Backup Service

We revamped our backup service with an entirely new process. Signup and provision are now completely automated. This makes onboarding backup services easier than ever, and it ensures that our new customers are keeping their protection in place on their schedule.

Data Centers

Adding a space in our data centers is becoming a regular occurrence. We added significant storage and processing capacity to our entire infrastructure. Our Dallas and Las Vegas data centers have doubled the inbound bandwidth available which means we can handle more data and customers than ever before.

Veeam Certified Engineers

We want to offer congratulations. Two additional members of the tech team have become Veeam Certified Engineers (VMCE). The path to this certification is long and difficult, and the testing is rigorous. VMCE certifications are proof that our engineers are among an elite group of experts who can bring better knowledge, planning, and support to all our customers. We now have a total of 5 VMCEs!

Veeam Platinum Partner

Speaking of Veeam systems, our partnership has continued to prove itself. Once again we finished the year in the top tier of our market as a Platinum partner. This indicates our commitment to our customers and our ability to provide them with nothing less than the very best.

Another Year of Massive Growth

Over the last two years, our revenue has doubled. Our teams are doing amazing work bringing new customers online while maintaining quality across our entire environment. Doubling revenue is a major achievement, and it wouldn’t be possible with anything less than an amazing effort from every member of the Global Data Vault team and all the partner companies who support us, and especially Veeam.

LSU 100

Those of you who have been with us for a while might not be surprised by this accolade, but we are an honored member of the LSU 100. This marks our eighth consecutive receiving this honor. We are humbled and proud as ever, and we hope that we can take this momentum to make 2019 lucky year number 9.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to celebrate our 15th year achievements. We’re thrilled with the results of 2018, and we’re hoping to make it a stepping stone to another great year in 2019. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with our plans, successes and stories throughout the year. Here’s to another great 12 months!

Global Data Vault Repeats In the LSU 100

Global Data Vault Repeats In the LSU 100

As we close out 2018, it’s a great time to reflect on the year’s successes and set goals for the year before us. Global Data Vault had our most successful year in 2018, thanks to our every growing client base and our amazing operations and technical team. One of our year’s most special highlights was to have been included in the LSU 100 for the 8th year in a row. As one of only five companies to receive this award every year since its inception, Global Data Vault has set our sights on smashing last year’s goals by continuing our growth while providing white-glove disaster recovery and back up service. We hope to make it a 9thyear in 2019.

The LSU 100 is an award designed to showcase how LSU graduates impact the local, regional and global business markets and honors the fastest growing businesses in the world that are led or owned by LSU graduates. The award is special to GDV as several key members at GDV have ties to LSU One Hundred 2018 HonoreeLouisiana – a prerequisite for the award.

The LSU 100 is designed to inspire LSU graduates to become strong business leaders by following the values taught while students at LSU. Integrity, holding yourself responsible for your actions, compassion, dignity for all, and positively contributing to the world are all held in high regard at LSU. For businesses that are Tiger-led or Tiger-owned, the award showcases some of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Honorees are invited to a gala, where they network with other honorees and celebrate their accomplishments in a wide range of fields and professions.

Cheers to the New Year! We look forward to providing you the best in disaster recovery for your company, and being an integral piece of your business success!

The 15th Annual GDV Crawfish Boil!

The 15th Annual GDV Crawfish Boil!

If it’s springtime, then there’s likely a spicy scent to the air around the Global Data Vault. We were happy to celebrate our 15thAnnual Crawfish Boil surrounded by our families, friends, business partners and customers at the Texas Ale Project in Downtown Dallas. Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to either blow us away, rain us out, or freeze the day, the sky came clear and the sun peeked out for our party at the craft beer garden for the afternoon.

If you joined us, thank you. You make this event better and better with every passing year. If you were unable to attend, we missed you and hope you can share a table with us in 2019.

Photo credit: Becky Branch Photography

Don’t Let the Reaper Get Your Data

Don’t Let the Reaper Get Your Data

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, concerns are escalating over one of North Korea’s three major hacking organizations because of both their adeptness and sheer brazenness. APT37 aka, “Reaper,” is the hacking group is well known for attacking South Korea, but has since decided to attack companies in Japan, Vietnam and the Middle East. What is especially noteworthy about its recent slew of attacks is the heightened level of sophistication — and that they have made little effort to disguise their bad deeds.

Cybersecurity company FireEye, Inc. monitors Reaper’s attacks and in a report issued earlier this month reveals that Reaper is utilizing a toolset that includes access to zero-day vulnerabilities and wiper malware. Reaper has shown preference to hacking information within companies involved in automotive, aerospace, chemicals, and health care industries. They also recently attacked South Korea when they discovered a vulnerability with Adobe Flash which was then able to install malware on infected computers who opened the corrupt Adobe Flash files.

FireEye squarely points the finger at the North Korean government as the true face of Reaper due to malware development artifacts and targeting that supports state interests. FireEye claims to easily trace these attacks back to the Pyongyang IP addresses that Reaper has been using.

Reaper is just one of a growing collection of hacking groups linked to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s regime, including “Lazarus,” which the US blamed for the Sony pictures Entertainment data theft in 2014. Bloomberg Technology posits that North Korea has been widening its cyber-operations to gather cash and intelligence to offset the penalties of international sanctions. The sanctions against North Korea have been on the rise, yet North Korea seems unconcerned and continues to ramp up attacks on foreign countries.

Whether your company is a Reaper target or potentially attractive to another cyber-criminal, attacks are on the rise. Being vigilant within your own company is mission-critical to prevent losing data. The best defense to a cyber-attack is to have a comprehensive and tested disaster recovery plan in place that include an air-gapped backup. You may still be vulnerable to cyber threats, but your day-to-day impact is significantly minimized.

Global Data Vault Supports Local STEM Efforts

Global Data Vault Supports Local STEM Efforts

STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, is one of the most talked about subjects among educators today. The youth who pursue these fields often find themselves with lucrative careers after graduating because each of these skills is in incredibly high demand.

The problem, however, is that more and more young people are hesitant when it comes to STEM fields. In fact, U.S. News & World Report highlighted the situation when they cited a study by the Lemselson-MIT Intervention Index. According to this study, 60-percent of the young adults that the researchers surveyed said that there was at least one issue that stopped them from pursing an education or a career in a STEM field. Here are some of the reasons the survey’s respondents gave for avoiding STEM fields:

  • 34-percent were unfamiliar with STEM fields
  • 33-percent thought that STEM educations and careers were too difficult
  • 28-percent felt that their education didn’t give them the tools they needed to pursue further education in a STEM field

This is a huge problem, not just for the young people that are missing out on great educations and excellent careers, but for the United States as a whole. The fact is that we need people in these fields in order to stay competitive at the global level. People with strong educations in the STEM fields are what make our country a leader in innovation, and as time goes on, we’ll need more and more people to step up and fill these positions.

At Global Data Vault, we’re committed to giving back to the community and to supporting STEM educations and the youngsters that benefit from them. We know that talented young people in STEM fields will go on to become industry leaders. As they do so, everyone benefits, not only through technological and engineering advancements, but also from a healthy economy and diverse community.

This is why Global Data Vault supports efforts to promote STEM education at the local level. To that end, we’ve recently sponsored a local school, Prestwick STEM Academy, a Kindergarten – 8th grade school located in Little Elm Independent School District, with their recent Color Run efforts to fund an outdoor learning center. It is our belief that by giving back to institutions like these, we can help ensure a bright future for our nation’s youth.

Global Data Vault at VeeamON 2015

Global Data Vault at VeeamON 2015

The team from Global Data Vault hit the strip in Las Vegas last week, exhibiting at the datacenter availability event, VeeamON 2015. VeeamON 2015 connects the world’s leading IT experts and visionaries to learn how to ensure Availability for the Modern Data Center™.

Global Data Vault served as an event sponsor of VeeamON 2015, hosting a booth to share how our Veeam Cloud Connect with full disaster recovery service differs from the competition: Our solution is fully-managed and monitored. We also offer an EZ Dash web portal view of your protection. Plus, our risk-free 30 day evaluation is a great way to test-drive our expertise – and then enjoy our simplified pricing based on the size of the VMs on your storage.

VeeamON wasn’t all business however. Embracing the Star Trek theme, VeeamON featured the legendary William Shatner as master of ceremonies at the closing event. We felt it only fitting to show our sense of humor by giving away these punny shirts.





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