Cloud Backup Webinar: What Matters, What Happens

Cloud backups allow a company to send their data to another location in case it becomes compromised, quickly restore data and maintain business continuity.

In this cloud backup webinar and discussion, we will answer many of the common questions regarding cloud backups and their security.

  • Why are local backups necessary if I have a cloud backup?
  • How can I verify that a restored version of data is clean?
  • What type of internet bandwidth do I need for cloud backups?

We also cover:

  • Why Enhanced Data Protection is a must-have security feature for cloud backups
  • How Veeam™ and Global Data Vault work together to enable the 3-2-1 backup rule for your business

Cloud Backup Webinar Summary

When we talk to end-users, customers, and businesses, we find that their concerns around cloud backups lean toward compliance, security, and speed/ease of recovery.

The cloud is a great use case for getting backups offsite. Cloud data is accessible and available from anywhere at any time and cannot be affected by conditions that could impact your physical location, such as natural disasters, fires, or destruction of property. From a compliance standpoint, it is important to discuss your specific needs with the cloud provider, as data centers and cloud environments do not all have the same standards and specifications. Global Data Vault takes the security of your data very seriously, and we continue to develop and evolve our levels of protection to meet the needs of a constantly changing ecosystem.

Many people speculate that, if you have not been impacted by a virus or malware yet, it is only a matter of time. To help protect the availability of reliable backups, Veeam™ released a feature to Veeam Cloud & Service Providers with Veeam Backup & Replication™ v9.5u4 called Insider Protection. Global Data Vault expanded on this with proprietary development and technology we call Enhanced Data Protection, which provides a “gapped” repository and incorporates security information and event management (SIEM) into a single solution in order to protect customers from malware, ransomware, and insider threats. Enhanced Data Protection gives customers peace of mind, knowing that we can recover your data if something happens to it in the cloud repository.

At Global Data Vault, we believe in quality, results, and simplicity. Combining the two, and putting the “service” back in service, has led to great success and customer retention. We live by the motto “it’s always our problem,” meaning that we will address, take ownership of, and remediate issues you may have regarding your backup solution and your ability to have consistent, reliable backups that are set to our cloud repositories. We do not point fingers or assign guilt; we simply fix the issue by whatever means necessary. In the event of an outage, disaster, or malware outbreak, it is important to know that someone will answer the phone when you need them most.

If you are new to IT, an old hat, or are concerned with the very real threat of ransomware impacting your environment, feel free to reach out to us and learn how we can mitigate those risks and keep your business up and running.

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