Disaster Recovery Case Study

What could be more critical than getting First Responder communications back online on a busy Friday night?

This was a critical situation for a local municipality.  In this disaster recovery case study, hear Brian Childers, president of Comport Consulting share his story of a municipality that lost its exchange server. When a first responder network goes down, it puts the lives of all those who depended on its police and fire departments at risk. A Friday night call to Global Data Vault had them functional and back online quickly.

Video Transcript:

I’ll tell you, the guys at Global data Vault, from the president all the way down to the technical people, they are are committed to the customer. 110% committed to the customer, to their success.

I’ve personally had the experience of receiving a call on a Friday night from a customer. Well, if you receive a call on a Friday night from a customer, it’s probably not going to be a good call and, sure enough, they had lost their exchange server.

It was a municipality that went down – the police department, the first responders. In a situation where the first responders are not getting their communications, that can mean the difference sometimes, in life and death.

At that point I said, look, let me get Brian on the phone, with Global Data Vault. The recovery happened immediately and they had the server rebuilt and restored within two hours.

That is very impressive!

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