The Washington Post is reporting this afternoon that the White House E-Mail system has been down for several hours.

As a consequence, newly enacted Executive Orders are being photocopied and have been left sitting on a table outside the briefing room. The Press Office is making use of a loudspeaker system. That is what is being reported, but I am sure the consequences extend beyond that. This incident has attracted quite some notice as here in a CNN blog.

Keeping a sophisticated email system running requires talent and effort. Even still, this is surprising. As important as communication is to the office of the President of the United States, you would think that various fail-safe mechanisms would be in place. These mechanisms can be implemented internally with all the same security as the primary systems they protect.

Even small business can use service providers like Global Data Vault and take advantage of solutions like Cloud Disaster Recovery to protect important systems.

Barack Obama ran an excellent campaign. He seems have surrounded himself with talented managers. And the tech savvy they have demonstrated is impressive. We certainly wish the new President well, and clearly empathize with his dilemma, but cannot understand how things could get this far out-of-hand.