Global Data Vault Supports Local STEM Efforts

STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, is one of the most talked about subjects among educators today. The youth who pursue these fields often find themselves with lucrative careers after graduating because each of these skills is in incredibly high demand.

The problem, however, is that more and more young people are hesitant when it comes to STEM fields. In fact, U.S. News & World Report highlighted the situation when they cited a study by the Lemselson-MIT Intervention Index. According to this study, 60-percent of the young adults that the researchers surveyed said that there was at least one issue that stopped them from pursing an education or a career in a STEM field. Here are some of the reasons the survey’s respondents gave for avoiding STEM fields:

  • 34-percent were unfamiliar with STEM fields
  • 33-percent thought that STEM educations and careers were too difficult
  • 28-percent felt that their education didn’t give them the tools they needed to pursue further education in a STEM field

This is a huge problem, not just for the young people that are missing out on great educations and excellent careers, but for the United States as a whole. The fact is that we need people in these fields in order to stay competitive at the global level. People with strong educations in the STEM fields are what make our country a leader in innovation, and as time goes on, we’ll need more and more people to step up and fill these positions.

At Global Data Vault, we’re committed to giving back to the community and to supporting STEM educations and the youngsters that benefit from them. We know that talented young people in STEM fields will go on to become industry leaders. As they do so, everyone benefits, not only through technological and engineering advancements, but also from a healthy economy and diverse community.

This is why Global Data Vault supports efforts to promote STEM education at the local level. To that end, we’ve recently sponsored a local school, Prestwick STEM Academy, a Kindergarten – 8th grade school located in Little Elm Independent School District, with their recent Color Run efforts to fund an outdoor learning center. It is our belief that by giving back to institutions like these, we can help ensure a bright future for our nation’s youth.


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