Hurricane Isaac Update

Here is a live view of wind speeds as reported This image shows the measured sustained wind speed in New Orleans at 10:00a.m. today.issac-winds-120829-10am


It has been a busy couple of days for Global Data Vault, but things are going well. As the storm approached, we reviewed the status of data protection for all customers in the area that was expected to be affected by Hurricane Isaac. We proactively contacted those that may have needed help. We know their data protection schedules and we can compare the freshness of our versions of their data to see if support is needed. As the storm hit, all data was current.

We’re already providing disaster recoveries to customers in New Orleans, and in many cases, we are bringing their systems live in hosted environments on our Dallas data center. As the storm moves on slowly, we expect to continue in this role for at least the next few days.


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