Managing the Risk of Having Data in the Cloud

In this webinar, we discussed the March 2021 OVHcloud fire in Europe and the challenges of maintaining and protecting data no matter where it resides. Many customers lost data due to the fire and not having backups, offsite backups, or a disaster recovery plan.

Our discussion went from typical data center design practices which avoid single points of failure, fires, and outages to understanding where your data lies and responsibilities for protecting it. Protecting data is ultimately the responsibility of the data owner, and DRaaS providers help safeguard against data loss. Businesses must understand where workloads exist and the risk involved with each, the data protection and disaster recovery plans for each, and the impacts to the bottom line and customers, then work with the DRaaS provider to understand these requirements.

We finished with some best practices, thoughts about cloud data management, and what you should expect from a DRaaS cloud provider.

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