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The stories and discussions presented in our DRaaS Blog are intended to offer insights as well as stimulate valuable conversation on Disaster Recovery as a Service, backup, replication and systems and data protection generally. While Global Data Vault specializes in this area exclusively, content is also presented here covering business continuity and similar closely related areas. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Trends in Data Density

Advances in Data Density A recent article in the Economist, Atoms and the voids, tells of a data storage breakthrough where individual chlorine atoms were arranged on a sheet of copper to form the code of zeros and ones used in typical binary storage. While the...

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What is VMware

VMware brought server virtualization to the IT market mainstream but what is VMware? It is a virtualization and cloud computing software that changes the way we run server workloads by distributing the work of a given virtual server across multiple physical hosts. It...

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