Payroll Data Protection and DRaaS

Payroll is a daunting, time-consuming task for companies. Oftentimes the entire payroll function is outsourced to a provider to handle the calculations for taxes, the filings, and the actual distribution of funds.

Payroll service companies carry an important responsibility for their clients. Companies depend on them to be reliable as paychecks are pretty important to employees who expect their checks on time; their lives hang in the balance if they don’t get paid. Employees will quit if their money doesn’t show up when promised. Ensuring those payroll systems run without interruption is mission-critical for the payroll company, their clients, and the employees they serve. One glitch in the system can literally affect thousands of people’s lives.

Payroll is particularly time-sensitive because funds have to move and are subject to bank cutoff times, there is very little wiggle room to keep a payroll delivery on track.

Because of the mission-critical nature of payroll, system continuity is paramount and therefore Global Data Vault’s advanced data protection solutions are a favorite of payroll service companies.

We got a distress call from one of our payroll processing clients in Southern California just after 4:30p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon. The company had a RAID storage system fail at their site. The result was their ability to process payrolls was completely lost. And to make matters worse, the company’s CEO was on a plane and unreachable. Payrolls had to be processed that night for quite a few of their clients – failing meant employees would not get paid on Friday.

GDV went to work immediately, enabling failover capabilities, and by 7:30p.m, that evening, the payroll company was running payrolls.

What makes this case special is GDV’s unique “build” capability which eliminates the steps required by other providers to reconfigure the remote network and related security. The result is the customer’s failover network was up and running quickly, and the great news is that all deadlines were met – everyone got paid on time!

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