Real Disaster Recovery Solution

One of those who most appreciates the importance of an effective disaster recovery solution is Bill Ellis, Manager of IT Infrastructure for Rug Doctor. Hear his story of how Rug Doctor recovered after a tornado hit.


When we switched to Global Data Vault, that’s when we really came into a real disaster recovery solution. We’ve got 30 servers running in our server environment – over 3 million transactions a year.

When a tornado came over just outside St. Louis, it’s a 150,000 sq. ft warehouse it actually caused such a vacuum that it pulled in the walls of the offices towards the center of the building.

We lost our computer room at that point and that’s when I called Global Data Vault. Probably within two hours they had all 4 of their servers spun up in a virtual environment that they could get to their data.

That’s pretty quick!

Your backup window is over. You virtually have 24/7 access to all your files.

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