Veeam Backup & Replication v11 is Here!

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ is an industry-leading cloud data management software. Veeam B&R combines backup and replication in an agentless solution for virtual machines and an agent-based alternative for physical servers and multi-cloud workloads.

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Veeam released Backup & Replication(B&R) version 10 in February 2020, and we are excited to welcome v11 a short year later. As usual, the list of new features is extensive; we want to focus on a few new capabilities important to us, our partners, and our customers. 

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Instant Recovery to Hyper-V

Each year, Veeam typically extends support to new or additional platforms and operating systems. With v10, Veeam gave us the ability to recover any workload protected by B&R to a VMware vSphere environment. Version 11 adds the ability to recover workloads to Microsoft Hyper-V as well.

This powerful feature allows for migrations across hypervisors and platforms, a physical-to-virtual (P2V) transition, and Nutanix AHV recoveries to non-AHV environments.


Veeam Recovery Hyper V 11


Veeam Backup Console Security Requirements

The Veeam B&R Console server no longer requires administrator access to run jobs. Previously, hackers and malware could exploit these credentials to access jobs, files, and cloud backups, allowing them to delete or encrypt essential recovery items.

Real admins log in with the appropriate credentials to configure and manage jobs, then log out, allowing the processes to run without administrative elevation. As part of Global Data Vault’s Enhanced Data Protection service, we also extend a security perimeter to a local backup server and repository to monitor and watch for unexpected behavior.

Instant Recovery for Databases

Like Instant VM Recovery®, Instant Recovery for databases allows you to instantly recover an SQL or Oracle database of any size from a backup to any existing similar database server. Suppose you have larger database farms or servers running multiple instances of SQL and Oracle. In that case, you do not need to restore the entire server if a database becomes corrupted or deleted. Since Veeam does application-consistent backups of those applications, you can recover a database without the worry of corruption from a crash-consistent recovery.

Backup Engine Enhancements

Veeam makes year-over-year improvements to backup and replication speed and efficiency, and v11 is no different. Included are:

  •       Caching improvements and advanced I/O optimization
  •       4KB block-aligned writes
  •       Optimized RAM interactions to improve overall data processing performance
  •       Improved compression algorithm for better compression ratios and faster decompression times
  •       NUMA enhancements to assist with backup processes running on multi-CPU servers
  •       Resource scheduler improvements – especially beneficial for larger environments.


Do You Have Questions About v11?

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