Veeam V11 Update Announcement

Veeam Backup & Replication v11 is available! Many people wonder when to update, and ask about Global Data Vault’s plans to update as well. In this video, GDV CIO Thomas May addresses v11 updates.

Hi there everyone. My name is Tom May and I’m the CIO of Global Data Vault.

Today. I have the pleasure of speaking with you about the exciting release of Veeam v11.  While  v11 is jam-packed with many new and exciting features, we’re going to ask that everyone not upgrade just yet. Now you might be thinking, why would we ask you to wait when this awesome new software is available? And that’s a very fair question.

With the newest Veem release, during development, engineers and developers at Global Data Vault worked closely together and labbing and product feedback sessions. We really want to make sure that when Veeam comes to market, we can do everything possible to make sure that Veeam is successful,  Global Data Vault is successful. And, ultimately you as a customer are protected with the highest level of backup and disaster recovery, right on day one. Behind the scenes, we’ve been staging Veeam B&R v11, on all of our infrastructure, and we are ready to go.

However, we’re asking that on your side, you will wait for two very solid reasons. First, when it comes to any major software release, when there’s a larger adoption of customers and installations, sometimes bugs can be discovered that weren’t caught during the initial product testing phases. Veeam does an amazing job of working through these issues. And so does Global Data Vault. It’s a wonderful partnership. However, the more people that install a product, the more environments are seen. You can guess that sometimes bugs appear. Well, being your backup and disaster recovery provider, it’s very important that we take a conservative stance and delay just a little longer.

If you can imagine when a customer calls global data vault, we are their last best hope to recover them in a very bad situation. We want to make sure that everything is ready to go and working properly. Secondly, when a new product comes to market, there are often many features that are brought about during the release cycle. Some make it to market and some don’t. And sometimes these changes come down to the wire.

Even with Veeam v11, there were many features which came about right at the last minute and Global Data Vault wants to be prepared to understand the technological changes and see it in action, as it’s deployed all across the globe. You can see different changes to repositories. You can see changes equally to file backup chains, and we want to make sure again, that we are ready and prepared to support you and deliver for you.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see what’s new in Veem v11, we have a wonderful webinar that was hosted by Kelly Culwell on our marketing team. And Jonah May, our Veam Certified Architect and Veam Vanguard.  Together, they covered the gamut of what’s new and what will be right for you in Veam 11.

While you wait for our release, before we can wave that race flag and say install B&R v11 on your side, there are some things you can do to get ready. I encourage you to review the release notes. You’ll see that we require now Veeam 9.5.4 B. So nine five four B. And with that comes several changes.

With each new Veem release and upgrade sometimes hypervisor changes exist and operating system changes. So you want to review your VM-ware and V-Center levels, as well as your operating systems for any Veeam agents. It’s very important to make sure you have that architecture in place before beginning the upgrade. If you take the time to review the release notes and still have questions, our support teams are here to help you as you need.

Remember, we don’t charge to help you succeed. We are here to help you succeed easily. Remember, it’s always our problem, so please let us be a part of the solution and help you through this. Give support a call, send an email. We are here. And as always, as I close, I like to thank you all for trusting us with your business. Being your backup and disaster recovery provider is such an honor for us. We know that you trust us to keep you working, even when things go wrong. So again, thank you for this and we can’t wait to see you on v11. Thanks for your time today.


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