Data Protection Dashboard Provides Easy to Use Status Window

Global Data Vault Web Portal

At Global Data Vault, we ensure the quality of your recovery environment through constant monitoring. Nothing is more important to your business operations than your data and the systems that support it. Not only do we monitor your readiness, we make it easy for you to check in on the status of your data protection as well. Today, we’d like to introduce our improved customer dashboard.

Built as a Global Data Vault web portal, this single screen allows our customers full visibility of the status of their local and remote recovery options. The beauty of it is, it’s available – securely — 24/7/365 and can be viewed from any device with a browser. It works well on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

The keys to note are:

  • 100% of the environment is recoverable locally
  • 100% of the environment is recoverable remotely
  • The Restore Points “RP” are all within the last 2 hours – locally and remotely
  • The green “Yes” in the “Loc” and “Rem” columns indicate these restore points are within the promised agreed service levels, which are generally 4 to 8 hours

This same portal is available for physical and virtual environments as well as for much larger environments.

We provide this dashboard for all clients, from enterprise level to small office. Here’s an example of the portal screen of a company with 2 servers and 6 protected disks:

customer portal shot 1

The details of the portal are explained in this screen shot:


To access your own client web portal, visit, select “support” and then login with your customer id and password.

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