Why every company needs DRaaS

Laptop with proprietary company information

DRaaS is insurance that you don’t know you need–until you need it.

If your business relies on any type of data or digital systems – and nowadays what business doesn’t – then you are already well aware of the necessity of protecting data from malicious threats and natural disasters. This is true no matter what kind of business you have.

If you have a CRM or use ERP software, any type of disaster that occurs at your company’s data centers could leave you without access to critical information. The consequences could be disastrous, particularly at time-sensitive periods like payroll, peak sales season, or an important holiday weekend. We have real-life examples of these ill-timed events in our disaster recovery case studies. They include a manufacturer, financial services, and the critical recovery of a municipal Exchange server.

The danger to your data and ongoing proliferation of ransomware and natural disasters is very real, as are the different kinds of insider threats.  While the big news stories tell about the major issues such as global malware or disastrous weather patterns, but in reality, they aren’t the most common and obvious events that can crash your systems and expose your company’s critical information. As the true story below illustrates, one careless and non-malicious employee can compromise company data unintentionally, but with a significant impact.

A sales guy, let’s call him Bob, headed out on the road in a rental car. He accidentally left his laptop in the car, but the friendly rental car company guy called him the next day and said, “Hey Bob, we think we have your laptop here. It was left in the car you rented. Are you missing one?”.

Before he can get the laptop back, a relieved Bob has to verify some information. That process reassured him the car company contact was legitimate and not an impersonator or bad actor. What do you think Bob did next? He went back to work and never said a word to his boss about his laptop’s missing hours – or that he had given out his personal information that could have been used to hack into it.

Bob’s laptop ended up being the source of a malware infection.  The company had proprietary engineering, intellectual property, made different gadgets, and the hacker now had access to all of it.

The company’s blueprints and schematics were encrypted by the malware. Bob didn’t fess up about it and plugged his laptop back into the corporate network. This is a real and serious threat. Companies must “hedge their bets” against the unknown, and that’s where our solution is effective and unique. It’s cloud storage, fast recovery, and it’s gapped. It really has to be all of that. Tom says, “I don’t want to scare you on the insurance side, but I want to tell you DRaaS protects and you will not know the value of it until you have to cash it in.”

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