Global Data Vault Case Studies

Disaster Recovery in Action!

Learn how Global Data Vault provides quality data recovery solutions using Veeam Software. We constantly ensure backups are within service level agreements (SLAs) that reflect desired recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs.) We do this through proactive monitoring, transparency, and a belief that “it’s always our problem,” in regards to the responsibilities of our service. Here are a few of our disaster recovery client success stories that demonstrate our core values.

7 Benefits of Utilizing a Fully-managed Cloud Services Provider


Fully-managed Cloud Services Provider

Choosing an IT provider with the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to deliver reliable products and services is essential. Technology Pointe, an Austin, TX-based information technology managed services provider, chose Global Data Vault (GDV) as their backup as a service (BaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) provider.

By partnering with Global Data Vault, Technology Pointe added new services and solutions for their customers while reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and becoming more profitable in seven straightforward ways.

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Comport Consulting Group

What could be more critical than getting First Responder communications back online on a busy Friday night? For one municipality, the situation was critical.  Hear Brian Childers, president of Comport Consulting tell how, when a municipality lost its exchange server, putting the lives of all those who depended on its police and fire departments at risk, a Friday night call to Global Data Vault had them back online in a couple of hours.


I’ll tell you, the guys at Global data Vault, from the president all the way down to the technical people, they are are committed to the customer. 110% committed to the customer, to their success.

I’ve personally had the experience of receiving a call on a Friday night from a customer. Well, if you receive a call on a Friday night from a customer, it’s probably not going to be a good call and, sure enough, they had lost their exchange server.

It was a municipality that went down – the police department, the first responders. In a situation where the first responders are not getting their communications, that can mean the difference sometimes, in life and death.

At that point I said, look, let me get Brian on the phone, with Global Data Vault. The recovery happened immediately and they had the server rebuilt and restored within two hours.

That is very impressive!

Rug Doctor

One of those who most appreciates the importance of DRaaS is Bill Ellis, Manager of IT Infrastructure for Rug Doctor. Hear his story of how Rug Doctor recovered after a tornado hit.


When we switched to Global Data Vault, that’s when we really came into a real disaster recovery solution. We’ve got 30 servers running in our server environment – over 3 million transactions a year.

When a tornado came over just outside St. Louis, it’s a 150,000 sq. ft warehouse it actually caused such a vacuum that it pulled in the walls of the offices towards the center of the building.

We lost our computer room at that point and that’s when I called Global Data Vault. Probably within two hours they had all 4 of their servers spun up in a virtual environment that they could get to their data.

That’s pretty quick!

Your backup window is over. You virtually have 24/7 access to all your files.

Spartan Networks

Michael Simmons, President of Spartan Networks, explains automated testing and quarterly builds.


One of the tag that lines I use is ‘Backup is great but recovery is what really matters.‘ and before you can recover you have to test to make sure you can recover.

Quarterly testing is where I can contact Global Data Vault every quarter, once a quarter and do a free test disaster recovery. And the nice thing about Global Data Vault’s recovery process is that they do a complete build out of my infrastructure in their data center so I don’t have to spin the VM’s (virtual machines) up myself, they do that for me. I don’t have to prepare the network, they do that for me. In a disaster recovery scenario, a lot of the legwork that some providers would require guys like me to do, that’s done by GDV so that when a disaster does strike you know you are ready for it.

Especially in today’s environemnt with all the security threats that are there both internally and externally, if you don’t have a full disaster recovery solution in place, you are really cheating your customer.

Data Protection Solutions for Payroll Service Companies

Payroll is a daunting, time-consuming task for companies. Oftentimes the entire payroll function is outsourced to a provider to handle the calculations for taxes, the filings, and the actual distribution of funds.

payroll data protection

Payroll service companies carry an important responsibility for their clients. Companies depend on them to be reliable as paychecks are pretty important to employees who expect their checks on time; their lives hang in the balance if they don’t get paid. Employees will quit if their money doesn’t show up when promised. Ensuring those payroll systems run without interruption is mission-critical for the payroll company, their clients, and the employees they serve. One glitch in the system can literally affect thousands of people’s lives.

Payroll is particularly time-sensitive because funds have to move and are subject to bank cutoff times, there is very little wiggle room to keep a payroll delivery on track.

Because of the mission-critical nature of payroll, system continuity is paramount and therefore Global Data Vault’s advanced data protection solutions are a favorite of payroll service companies.

We got a distress call from one of our payroll processing clients in Southern California just after 4:30p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon. The company had a RAID storage system fail at their site. The result was their ability to process payrolls was completely lost. And to make matters worse, the company’s CEO was on a plane and unreachable. Payrolls had to be processed that night for quite a few of their clients – failing meant employees would not get paid on Friday.

GDV went to work immediately, enabling failover capabilities, and by 7:30p.m, that evening, the payroll company was running payrolls.

What makes this case special is GDV’s unique “build” capability which eliminates the steps required by other providers to reconfigure the remote network and related security. The result is the customer’s failover network was up and running quickly, and the great news is that all deadlines were met – everyone got paid on time!