Disaster Map

Visual Map of FEMA Declared Disasters

Return Period in Years for FEMA Declared Disasters by County

This map produced by Global Data Vault, shows the average number of years between FEMA declared Disasters for each county in the United States. One can surmise that the darker density counties are at higher risk for a disastrous event that could potentially effect the continuity of your business.

FEMA Declared Disasters Map


42181214 - chicago, ilusa - april 11, 2015: three southwest airplanes parked at a chicago midway international airport mdw terminal.

Network System Failure Cost Southwest Airlines $82M

How Southwest Airlines Could Have Avoided An $82M Disaster Network system failure is no fun for any business, but it can be especially painful for major airlines. The outage that hit Southwest Airlines on July 20 is a case in point. The disaster caused the cancelation...
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12413919 - circuit board background

Trends in Data Density

Advances in Data Density A recent article in the Economist, Atoms and the voids, tells of a data storage breakthrough where individual chlorine atoms were arranged on a sheet of copper to form the code of zeros and ones used in typical binary storage. While the...
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cloud disaster recovery

What is Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR)?

What is Cloud Disaster Recovery? Your server goes down. Your network won’t work. Or worse…your office suffers a fire, flood, or other natural or man-made catastrophe. Whatever the case, you need to have a disaster recovery plan ready to protect your data as well as...
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