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The following DRaaS White Papers are presented to provide further insight into planning, preparation and execution of your organization’s disaster recovery plan.




DR Plan Checklist

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Trends in Backup

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Security for Backups

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sizing for local backup

Sizing Backup Servers

Find out here how to make informed decisions about sizing backup servers and other infrastructure considerations. Different implementations and scenarios require different configurations. 

veeam vocabulary

Webinar: Do you speak Veeam? Demystifying Veeam Vocabulary

This webinar focuses on Veeam vocabulary and explains what the specific terminology means in the context of BaaS and DRaaS functionality.

cloud data storage

7 Online Data Storage Questions

Digital footprints increase daily; speculation is that we generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. With that growth comes the increasing importance of data protection, not only from natural or man-made disasters but cybersecurity events and hackers as...