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The following DRaaS White Papers are presented to provide further insight into planning, preparation and execution of your organization’s disaster recovery plan.




DR Plan Checklist

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Trends in Backup

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Security for Backups

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Test your environment for cyber threats

How to Test Your Environment Against Cyber Threats

How to test your environment for cyber threats? With cyber-attacks occurring with ever-increasing frequency it is important to review your cyber security policies and preparation.

New Years Resolutions for IT Directors

Five Things Every IT Department Should Do This January

Does it make good business sense to outsource diaster recovery? Yes, and there are compelling reasons to do so. Read more…

Successful Veeam Implementation

Spooktacular Tricks for a Successful Veeam Implementation

Shocklingly bad Halloween punbs aside, our team of experts share their best advice on setting up a successful Veeam implementation.