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The following DRaaS White Papers are presented to provide further insight into planning, preparation and execution of your organization’s disaster recovery plan.




DR Plan Checklist

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Trends in Backup

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The difference between BaaS and DRaaS

Webinar: The Difference Between BaaS and DRaaS

This back to the basics cybersecurity webinar explores the difference between BaaS and DRaaS with a bit of Veeam and Global Data Vault thrown in for good measure!

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Why every company needs DRaaS

Every company large and small, no matter what they do or what services they offer, needs a DRaaS solution. It’s the insurance you don’t know you need until you need it.

Veeam VMCE Certification Webinar

Webinar: The Importance of Veeam VMCE Certification

If you have questions about Veeam VMCE Certification, we have the answers! Watch the Importance of Veeam VMCE Certification webinar.