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Managed Solution 

IT departments of today aren’t much different from IT departments of 20 years ago, if all you consider is the concept of doing more with less. In reality, they have so much more to do with less. With the ever-increasing amount and depth of technology, IT departments must address currrent priorities as well as keep things running.   Security has become a key priority for every IT department now. Global Data Vault uses BitLyft, as our oursourced Security Operations Center (SOC) and our Security Event and Information Manager (SEIM) provider)

IT budgets often shift toward new technology or security measures while backups and disaster recovery fall to a lower priority. Ironically, all of these advances mean nothing if you cannot recover your data and applications. Global Data Vault, as a Veeam Platinum Cloud and Services Provider, can help.

We believe that offering a managed is important because as with IT budgets, backup and disaster recovery are often overlooked – we take it seriously , and it is the only thing we do. Global Data Vault’s sole mission is to manage and monitor your backup and DR environments, thereby freeing time for your resources and guaranteeing your business can meet SLAs. We take the service we provide to our customers so seriously that we tell everyone, “it’s always our problem.”

Accomplishing this involves:

  • Monitoring and reporting on protected environments to ensure the recoverability of your data when required is within specified SLAs
  • Watching for, and responding to, alerts and events in either the local or remote environments that could impact data protection
  • Providing easy-to-understand dashboards and reporting

…all in real time.

Being a Platinum Veeam Cloud and Services Provider allows Global Data Vault to be very strategic and innovative with our managed solution while delivering exceptional service at an affordable, predictable, and understandable cost. We utilize Veeam Backup and Replication and Veeam Cloud Connect to connect customers to our cloud repositories and provide utilization data, so you don’t need to purchase equipment. We offer flat, simplified pricing—not loads of à la carte items, or prices that vary on a monthly basis.

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Managed Solution delivery from Network Operations Center or NOC



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