Ransomware and Insider Protection

Your data is a target, whether it’s in the sights of a hacker poised to launch ransomware on your network, or the employee who unknowingly leaked admin credentials out into the wild. The threat is imminent. It’s no longer “if” your company’s assets are attacked, but when.

The increasing number of “insider” ransomware attacks is staggering, due in large part to the expanded definition. In previous years, and “insider attack” was considered a disgruntled employee. Today’s Insider attacks are attributed to anyone who has gained access through stolen credentials. These attacks are generally not insiders – but conducted with insider access.

To compound the concern, ransomware attackers have learned through trial and error, that they will not get paid if a company has good backup – so now the company backups are their first target!

What can you do?

Global Data Vault leverages Veeam and adds a unique proprietary protection layer that alerts and protects your business from becoming vulnerable to hackers.

Please join us for an informative webinar on Tuesday, August 27th, 2019, at 12:30 p.m. Central time. We will discuss:

  1. What is the “insider threat”?
  2. The current malware threat and how insider access is used against targets.
  3. How to protect against insider attacks effectively.

Can’t make the webinar? Please register, and we will follow up with the presentation or schedule a private consultation.

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Presenter: Thomas May, CIO, Global Data Vault.


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