What is Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS)?


Data protection as a service is an overarching principle of protecting data no matter where it resides and utilizes tools to protect data from various threats. We often think of backups and disaster recovery when considering data protection, but DPaaS also includes network security and analysis elements.

Why do I need DPaaS?

As with all “as a service” offerings, DPaaS brings skillsets, tools, and staffing to organizations that may not have resources in-house. DPaaS also allows organizations the freedom to offload ownership of those resources and use an OpEx budget model. Data is the heart of many organizations, so protecting it from threats is critical. Your DPaaS strategy will likely include backup as a service (BaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS.)

DPaaS vs. BaaS vs. DRaaS

As mentioned, DPaaS refers only to the protection of data. Backup as a service provides copies of data to enable file, application, or complete server restores, and can be on-premises, cloud-based, or both. Disaster recovery as a service involves the infrastructure components necessary to run workloads as well.

These days, cybersecurity threats are likely the most significant concern to organizations. With cyber-attacks targeting backup files and offsite repositories, it is critical to monitor the network perimeter and endpoints and files in production, transit, and at rest.  We believe that DRaaS is a “more complete” strategy than BaaS alone, and we build a cybersecurity perimeter into our services.

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