Enhanced Data Protection

What is Enhanced Data Protection (EDP)?

Global Data Vault’s Enhanced Data Protection (EDP) is a proprietary technology based on Veeam’s Insider Protection functionality. It is designed to provide an extra layer of protection for backup files in the cloud repository and protection against insider threats which can make even offsite backup files unusable under normal conditions. Deleting, encrypting, or corrupting backups is a common tactic, but EDP adds a “gap” in the Global Data Vault cloud repository providing an extra layer of protection.


How Does EDP work?

Veeam Insider Protection is a feature for Veeam Cloud & Service Providers used to protect backup files which are located in cloud repositories from intentional or accidental damage. Out of the box, Insider Protection creates a “recycle bin” in the customer’s section of the repository that is not accessible from the customer’s network. When files are deleted, they move to the “recycle bin” and can only be retrieved by the service provider. Veeam also recommends running full backups more frequently in an effort to prevent the loss of a file or files in the overall backup chain, which can then render a backup useless. This is a storage-intensive process and those storage costs are typically passed onto the customer.

Enhanced Data Protection takes Veeam’s Insider Protection to the next level without incurring additional storage costs. Our proprietary technology allows us to add a “gap” between the cloud repository and a hidden, protected repository. We also keep the entire backup chain intact automatically, so we will always be able to recover files or systems without worrying if the chain is corrupt. This reduces the storage requirement of having to run full backups more frequently, as we maintain the backup chains for you.

Recovery is simple. To retrieve files, simply contact GDV and the data will be made available to you via your Veeam Console, a secure FTP location, or shipped on disk, depending on the size and need.


Who Needs Enhanced Data Protection?

Anyone practicing the 3-2-1 rule of data protection will benefit from EDP. (Also see The 3-2-1 Backup Rule – Back to Basics) As malware, ransomware, and hackers target backup files in order to successfully deploy payloads and prevent businesses from thwarting their efforts, the best protection for ransomware is good backups. With the number of insider threats increasing and constant changes in technology, everyone is at risk of an attack. The average length of downtimes and the costs associated with them are increasing exponentially, and all sizes of companies are at risk. In fact, hackers prefer smaller companies that potentially will not have the level of security measures and depth in place because they are easier to infiltrate.


Enhancing Data Protection Even Further

In addition to EDP, Global Data Vault utilizes the Dataprise SOC-as-a-Service, to provide SIEM to all customers with a security perimeter that extends from our cloud locations to your on-premises Veeam Console server. By automating security incident and event management for the backup infrastructure, we can detect threats in real-time and react appropriately, likely before they become significant issues.

Enhanced Data Protection and SOCaaS are included for all Global Data Vault customers.


Global Data Vault offers Enhanced Data Protection 

Threats to your backup environment can be hard to detect and trace. With SIEM integration in all GDV services, we are able to monitor and respond to threats before you are locked out of files or lose data. We are able to distinguish abnormal activity, suspicious external network connections, and unexpected changes to backup files.

  • GDV uses “crowdsourcing” as well to gather information about threats and attacks and automatically updates security alerts and responses.
  • Global Data Vault takes Veeam’s Insider Protection to the next level by providing a “gapped” repository to protect against insider threats.

Functioning, recoverable backups are key to a good night’s sleep. Adding automated security monitoring, alerting, and response may help you get to sleep just a little bit sooner.

Global Data Vault and Bitlyft

Next Steps for Enhanced Data Protection

We all know insider threats are real, and that good backups are your safest bet for maintaining business operations in the event of disasters. With Global Data Vault’s Enhanced Data Protection, your offsite backups will remain safe from such threats while you maintain proper data protection practices.

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