Enhanced Data Protection


How does Enhanced Data Protection work?


Global Data Vault has been testing the Veeam “Insider Protection” capability which moves deleted files to a “Recycle Bin,” however the additional storage space required is so significant, that it will be cost prohibitive to most customers. At the same time, additional full synthetic backups must be enabled on the customer Veeam server which in some cases lengthens the age of the recovered data.


We have addressed these concerns by adding proprietary technology which avoids such large increases in storage usage but can keep up to 14 days of full history for the customer’s backups.

Data Protection Overview


enhanced data protection

Data Visibility

A new page has been added to the Global Data Vault portal which will show the data that is being held outside of the Veeam Repository and therefore not directly accessible by the customer. An example is shown below where there are up to 14 daily restore points for each customer job – each restore point includes the base VBK at the time of the snapshot and any incremental backup files that existed.

The portal will also show any monthly or other files that are kept in the customer’s archive and daily backups of the VBR server configuration.

enhanced data protection access

Access to Data

The only time this data would be needed is in case of an attack as described above. In that event, data can be accessed in several different ways. The most straightforward is that files can be made available via the current Cloud Connect Repository and it is then available to the customer subject for downloading and restoring. Alternatively, files can be downloaded over secure FTP from Global Data Vault or can be shipped on suitable media. These can then be imported into the local Veeam repository server for access.

Note that in any restore scenario, Global Data Vault will retain an unmodified copy of the raw data.