Disaster Recovery as a Service

Industry-leading Availability

Global Data Vault leverages Veeam Software to enable Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) as part of a comprehensive data protection and availability strategy. Veeam Backup and Replication is the industry-leading availability solution for cloud, virtual, and physical workloads. As a Platinum Veeam Cloud & Services Provider, Global Data Vault realizes the need for fast, reliable, and easy-to-use features that minimize downtime and brings efficiency to recovering data and applications in the event of an outage or disaster.

As with all the “as-a-Service” monikers, DRaaS is the practice of offloading your disaster recovery to a company that has the resources to provide the service. With Global Data Vault, we truly embody the “service” aspect. We know the last thing you want to worry about, should you be hit by an outage or disaster, is if your DRaaS provider is going to respond to you. We build disaster recovery into everything we do, and we take it upon ourselves to enable smooth, responsive, and worry-free recovery for you. Whether it is a single file restore, or recovering your entire data center, GDV is pleased to provide prompt, world-class service to every customer. In addition, Global Data Vault provides automated builds to every customer. To do this, we document the information necessary to bring your entire network back online in a DR facility, determine the order for recovering servers and applications, and then automate the creation of this environment at one of our data centers. We then test the process quarterly and provide you with the results. All of this is included in your monthly cost.

DRaaS from Global Data Vault includes:

  •       Local backup with a retention policy
  •       Local instant recovery capability
  •       Remote backup with a retention policy
  •       Failover capabilities to our remote data centers
  •       Enhanced Data Protection our proprietary Insider Protection technology
  •       Security Operations Center-as-a-Service by BitLyft

Veeam (and by default, Global Data Vault) provides the following benefits for our customers:

  •       Cloud, virtual and physical backup and recovery options
  •       Multi-VM Instant VM Recovery
  •       Powerful NAS backup
  •       Image-based virtual machine (VM) replication from a VM or backup
  •       Built-in management and deployment for Veeam Agents for Linux and Microsoft Windows
  •       Veeam Explorers™ for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle
  •       Storage Snapshots and advanced storage integration
  •       Enterprise plug-ins for SAP HANA and Oracle RMAN
  •       Data integration API and Universal Storage API
  •       Built-in WAN Acceleration including a high-bandwidth mode
  •       Encryption, compression and deduplication

Veeam is a hardware-agnostic platform, and so is GDV. No matter what server hardware, storage hardware, networking, rack types, cables, bolts, or screws you use, we provide complete recovery and protection options. Many hardware providers only want you to buy *their* hardware or software (some hardware providers also have software) and this can be cost-prohibitive as well as limiting. Yes…limiting, due to hardware limitations, licensing costs for features, and real estate costs for the additional hardware. That’s where DRaaS with Global Data Vault shines. We protect companies large and small, diverse and homogenous, and provide transparency in your protection and simplified billing.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service