Global Data Vault Billing Policies

How we achieve transparent flat pricing

Billing Policies

Global Data Vault’s fees for the Services (including implementation fees, and monthly service fees) are set forth in your agreement or each ORDER FORM. All prices are in United States dollars and do not include sales, value-added or import taxes, customs duties or similar taxes that may be assessed by some jurisdictions. Amounts due are payable 20 days from invoice date. Late fees may apply for amounts not paid within thirty days of receipt of invoice.

Should your storage requirement grow beyond what was set out in your agreement or each ORDER FORM, additional fees may apply. Such fees for additional storage will remain at the same per gigabyte rate as in your agreement or ORDER FORM. The monthly fee will be invoiced each month, beginning upon acceptance of this agreement. A failover fee equal to the monthly fee will be invoiced for any actual failover event in excess of one event per year. A failover event is defined as any period of more than 8 hours during which Customer operates the IT servers and systems which are the subject of this agreement from the disaster recovery environment in GDV’s data center. Global Data Vault (GDV) sends your invoice or charges your credit card or debits your account on the 20th of each month for that month’s services.

Full terms and conditions of services provided are in your contract.


We bill each month on the 20th.

If your storage grows, a fee increase may apply, but our fees are always at the same rate as originally quoted.