Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and let’s bring on a New Year!

One of our very favorite events each year is hosting a Cajun Christmas party for our partners, colleagues, new customers, and friends. Capping off the year surrounded by our people brings us a lot of joy, and we know you enjoy it too as there are very few leftovers!

Like so many companies, we’re keeping our decorations in storage and opting for another meaningful way to gather this December. In the spirit of all things virtual, this time, we’d like to bring everyone to the table (in spirit) by sharing our favorite holiday recipes and a virtual twist to Cajun Christmas with our version of the hit Food Network show, Chopped!

You’ll find a downloadable copy of this collection of special holiday recipes from our staff and partners at the bottom of the page. We hope that you’ll enjoy these as much as we do and use them during your holiday break to recreate Chef Brignac’s crazy good gumbo (if you’ve had it, you know this a keeper). If you’d like us to send you a physical copy of the collection to keep with your cookbooks, please enter your information here.

Back to Chopped…

We pitted two of our resident foodies in a head-to-head battle of the whisks in our version of Chopped! If you have not seen the popular Food Network TV show, “Chopped,” has four chefs competing to create dishes in three rounds, each using a mystery basket of ingredients. At the end of each round, judges determine who stays and who gets “chopped.”

Our version of chopped was with two “chefs” with…. more than four ingredients, each a suggestion from the GDV team… and one round. Without the proper expertise, that would be a daunting challenge and likely have ended in somewhat of a disaster. We like to draw the parallel to the service we provide our customers – both the expertise and a recipe for success that keeps companies from getting “chopped” after a data loss.

Global Data Vault, along with Veeam® Software, creates a blue-ribbon recipe for success by combining world-class ingredients and the expertise to present the winning dish.  It’s always our problem!

Please enjoy our recipe collection below.