High quality, offsite data storage and protection

The Global Data Vault Value Promise


As a Global Data Vault client, you can expect high quality, offsite data storage and protection at a fair cost, with transparent invoicing and no surprises.

Remote recovery solutions and off-site data storage have never been more important. As a CIO or CEO, you have a responsibility to your clients, employees, and shareholders to minimize downtime after a natural- or man-made disaster, as well as providing protection against data theft, which can incur hefty fines. Many smaller businesses suffer financial losses that are hefty enough to prevent re-opening, while larger companies also face loss of reputation.

Significant investments usually happen for production and on-premises technologies and networks, while disaster recovery becomes an afterthought or an “after budget” item. Many companies balk at the cost of purchasing disaster recovery environments or white label solutions, while others are leery of the cost and service provided for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions.

At Global Data Vault, we make DRaaS our problem. In fact, “It’s always our problem” is our motto and guarantee to our customers. Every service we provide is included in your monthly cost, which includes geographically disparate and secure data centers, onsite backup repositories, support, and more.

In addition to providing a complete, all-inclusive offsite backup and disaster recovery service, Global Data Vault ties in enterprise-class security monitoring with BitLyft and offers a proprietary technology we call Enhanced Data Protection to further protect your greatest asset—your data.

Finally, as proof of our transparency and commitment to quality, you also receive real-time reporting via your customer portal, which shows your jobs, restore points, and whether you are within SLAs.


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