Hurricane Sandy’s Reach

The devastation from Hurricane Sandy is widespread, even to areas of the country not in the storm zone. While the effects are widespread, we want to assure our customers that NONE of our production systems were affected by Hurricane Sandy’s wrath on the east coast.

Internally, we are having some challenges however. Some of our email systems are based in New York and we experienced delays in service yesterday. If you tried emailing us, we may not have received it and for that we apologize. Our email service has been restored and is functioning normally now.

Additionally, our phone system provider is also in New York and is having difficulty restoring our complete phone network. At this time, you may still reach us by dialing our MAIN LINE 214.363.1900. We anticipate the toll-free number and all the extensions to be in full service again in a day or so.

We appreciate your patience and again, want to emphasize that there was never so much as a blink of interruption on our production systems.




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