RPO and RTO Monitoring

A critical step in creating a disaster recovery solution is determining your RPO (restore point objective) and your RTO (restore time objective). In essence, these are the point in time that you need your data recovered to, and how fast you need to achieve that restore point.

Establishing what RPO and RTO are necessary for your company is crucial, (see more information on RPO and RTO), and that both the local and remote backups are synchronized with the correct restore points.Blank_Square

Most of what Global Data Vault clients are moving across the wire are differential files. For example, if you have uploaded a big database to the cloud, the only items that are updating going forward are data points that have changed, which then have to be reassembled in the cloud. Unfortunately, that reassembly provides plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. Unless you’re monitoring the process all the time, it’s hard to ferret it out that there’s a problem happening, and it’s difficult to discover what happened in order to fix it.

This is where we believe that Global Data Vault maintains a competitive advantage. We monitor every customer’s data to assure that data is:

  •          Current locally
  •          Current at the remote recovery site
  •          And that all images are quiescent and uncorrupted

And we provide the ability for our customers to also watch it, which makes Global Data Vault unique. We couldn’t be further from the self-service backup and disaster recovery solutions on the market that only provide a manual as a resource for when things go wrong. That is, IF you figure out that your backups are corrupted.

Global Data Vault takes care of RPO and RTO monitoring, and we’re testing them as well. If your backup happens at a point in time where only some of your system updates have happened, then you have a database that doesn’t make sense anymore. You need to be aware of it, and we’re going to alert you to it and go one step further. We’re going to help you fix it.

GDV is monitoring your backups 24/7, and we provide the interface to see what we’re monitoring, as well as enable you to check it yourself through an easy-to-use dashboard. If a backup goes awry, Global Data Vault takes action behind the scenes to fix it.

We like to refer to this as simplicity on the other side of complexity. Our clients call it peace of mind.


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