Velocity 2019 Kick-Off

GDV was so excited to be in the mix as a sponsor at Veeam’s 2019 Sales Kick Off. Held at Walt Disney World, it was a gathering of green: engineers, IT experts and men and women of business, all working together to plan for an explosive 2019. The seminars, hands-on experiences and community building were motivating, thought-provoking, and certainly set the tone for the new year.

Veeam Partnership and Training

At the heart of it all, the Velocity kick-off was geared to provide opportunities to expand access and interactions with official Veeam support. Engineers began their path to VMCE certification. The event was packed to the brim with training and strategy classes which expanded our vision of 2019 – a very exciting vision, for sure.

Word of the year: Growth

If the kick-off for 2019 had a theme, it was a focus on working together to achieve rapid growth.

Networking is gold at these events, and we managed to corner a few of our favorite Veeamers, convincing them to share their insights about the direction of Veeam in 2019. Be sure to watch to the end for possibly the best GDV video soundbite ever. 😉 Aside from that nugget, you can trust that 2019 is already taking off like a rocket of optimism, ambition and promise.


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