Insider Threat Webinar

Insider Threats and Enhanced Data Protection – joint webinar with BitLyft

  • What is an insider threat and how do they affect businesses?
  • How do I defend and protect myself against insider threats and malware?
  • Learn how to create a complete security posture?

Insider Threats, Malware and Enhanced Data Protection – Why You May Be at Risk

Malware, and specifically ransomware attacks, are increasing daily. The number of companies featured in the news for outages and exorbitant ransom demands is increasing as well. In this cybersecurity webinar, we hear from BitLyft CEO Jason Miller, Global Data Vault CEO Will Baccich, and Director of Sales Brian Briganc about the importance of cybersecurity and offsite backups and how combining the two creates a better solution to answer everyday challenges.

Cybersecurity threats begin in a similar way as a neighborhood burglar might; “casing the joint,” watching for weakness and probing, then finally going in for the steal. Electronically, this can happen much faster and many more times across every point of entry in every business connected to the internet and often do so without your knowledge. Email is one of the most popular entry points for hackers due to the ease of transmission and ability to appear legitimate.

At this point, the “front line” of cybersecurity is essential to not only detect but also react and respond to threats as autonomously as possible. Once hackers and malware make it into your environment, they become insider threats and can have near undetectable, free reign on computer networks. A key method for identifying insider threats is to understand the behavior of the users and entities on a daily basis and then to monitor the behavior for anomalies. BitLyft then provides automated neutralization of the threat and adds the behavior to a crowdsourced data warehouse for future reference.

One newer attack vector for malware is to target backup files, especially those at remote locations. Hackers know they cannot get paid if the company still has a backup copy they can deploy. If they only encrypt or corrupt production data, they could be thwarted if good backups exist. Often, the malware will also deploy itself over time to remain undetected and render backups useless. We can assume that an insider threat will have or gain access to backup systems and thereby gain access to remote locations and cloud repositories. The “back end” of cybersecurity deals with protecting these remote files from attack.

Global Data Vault developed proprietary technology, based on Veeam’s™ Insider Protection, called Enhanced Data Protection (EDP). EDP is another level of security against attacks on a Global Data Vault customer’s cloud backup repository and essentially keeps a hidden copy of 14 days of backups. These copies are invisible to and inaccessible from the customer network and cannot be affected by malware attacks. Should your cloud backup files be corrupted, encrypted, or deleted by an insider threat, we can recover the files from the hidden repository. BitLyft’s security perimeter extends into the cloud backup repositories to watch for unexpected behavior there as well.

It is important to consider all aspects of attacks and understand just how quickly data can be rendered useless. Complete solutions such as this provided by BitLyft and Global Data Vault are an excellent way to win against hackers and insider threats.

Cybersecurity Downloads

what is enhanced data protection

Enhanced Data Protection

In the cybersecurity webinar, we discuss several times on enhanced data protection but what is enhanced data protection and why do you need it? This single-page free download has all the information you need to know.

Cybersecurity Guide

Cybersecurity Guide

What can your company do to prepare and protect against cyber attack? Download this free 6-page Cybersecurity Guide for the low down on  Cloud Data Management, Backups and Disaster Recovery.

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